Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bond-Tastic!! Has Returned

Hello everyone and welcome back to the long dormant (My count is just under THREE years since the last update, not counting the “Bond-Tastic will return” teaser from last week.) Bond-Tastic!! I guess this all begs the question “Why?” As in why no updates or why even bring it back in the first place since its been gone for so long? Well let’s get to those answers.

So why no updates? I guess its easy to just say sometime along the lines of “Life got in the way.” Which I guess is partially true but its not just that, you can also blame changes of interest, not really having enough to say about any certain thing, and yeah after it being left alone for so long a feeling that I should just leave it be. Mostly though I was also going through a bad time in my life when the last thing I wanted to do was worry about updating a blog and what to update it with and since Bond-Tastic!! Was never supposed to be about me putting my personal life out there for all to see the updates stopped.

As for why bring it back? Well that’s simpler, because I wanted to. Because I do have things to say again (More on that later.) Because it feels about right. Because it is a great outlet to say stuff and its great to get my mind off the more pressing matters in life if for only a short time allowing some relaxation time. Bonus, it helps with my typing speed which is always great for someone who supposedly has a career in Records and Information Management.

So what’s going to happen with Bond-Tastic!!? Well there will be more of the same as well as some new stuff altogether. If you look through the archives you may notice that there is quite a bit missing. Namely ever movie review I posted on here has been removed except for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory just because I love that one. The reason for this is because I post movie reviews on Letterboxed, so if you want to check those out you can just click here. Now that is not to say I will never talk about movies on here, I very much well, in fact you can look forward to my top ten movies of 2015 on here before to long. What else will we be seeing? Well the wrestling content will continue but once again I doubt there will be any reviews of any shows themselves save for maybe a WrstleMania or something like that. Comic books topics will naturally still be discussed. More so I will talk about the product and how I feel about it with a list or two thrown in for good measure. There will be other stuff I have never tackled before as well such as music, as of right now I plan to do a list of my top ten personal favorite voices in music or top ten favorite Funko Pop figures among other things. No worries though there will likely never be anything to serious on here this is a place to have fun.

I know this all sound positive and that there will be a ton of new content coming and yes, there will be plenty of new content, in time. That is to say it will be on my time. Sometimes there may be a couple updates a week other times there may be nothing for a short period of time. What I’m saying is it will be update but it will be sporadic so don’t expect that every single time you come here there will be new updates as that likely wont be the case.

Well that’s about it for now, Bond-Tastic!! Is officially back in business and very much looking forward to bringing you some new content. Now lets get out there and spread the word that its back and most importantly, lets have some fun.

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